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Levi Sends His Best Friend on the Trip of a Lifetime

  • Flat Levi and Emma at the airport

  • Flat Levi is ready for a fun-filled day at the amusement parks!

  • Flat Levi and Emma try on some 3D glasses

  • Flat Levi and Emma at the beach

  • Flat Levi having some fun in the sun on beach day

  • After a fun-filled week, Flat Levi and Emma head home!

“ Seeing his happy face on the Flat Levi means so much to us ”

- Levi's Mom, Rebecca

Emma is Levi’s best friend. Throughout hardships caused by Levi’s life-threatening medical condition, she has stuck by his side and provided tremendous support.

At six years old, Levi is fighting a rare congenital disorder. Unable to travel because of his health, Levi and his family wanted his wish to celebrate a friendship that has brought immeasurable joy to their lives. 

Levi wished to send Emma to Orlando, Florida to visit the theme parks and see the ocean. “I was telling Levi about his wish and his eyes were locked on me,” says Levi’s mom Rebecca.  “It was confirmation for me that this was his wish.”

Levi and his parents surprised Emma with the news that she would be going on a dream vacation. For one week, Emma and her family spent time together, enjoying the amusement park rides and sunshine.

Emma’s family also brought a special friend along with them for the trip – a “Flat Levi” constructed by Make-A-Wish volunteers.

On the trip, people would ask Emma about Flat Levi and she would tell them, ‘He is my best friend from school,’” says Emma’s mother, Shawnelle. “Flat Levi went everywhere with us. Emma even took Flat Levi to the beach – it was one of her favorite parts of the trip.”

At Emma’s welcome home party, she and her family, along with Make-A-Wish volunteers, surprised Levi’s family with a scrapbook of “Emma and Levi’s Trip.” They flipped through the pages, showing Levi all the wonderful adventures he’d been on with his best friend.

“Levi is such a happy kid. He loves people. Seeing his happy face on the Flat Levi means so much to us. We know that would be his reaction to everything that has happened with Make-A-Wish,” shares Rebecca.

She adds, “I have the Flat Levi posted on our refrigerator now. We have had such a response from the community on Levi’s wish. I have a waiting list of people who want a Flat Levi to take with them to work or on vacation so he can travel the world.”

Levi’s wish speaks volumes about the power of friendship. “When Emma said hello to Levi for the first time, she opened two hearts at once,” says Levi’s mother Rebecca.

Emma and Levi's story and the inspiring message it carries is now opening hearts all across the globe.

Keep Levi’s Journey Going: If you are interested in showing “Flat Levi” your hometown or taking him to your next travel destination, a downloadable “Flat Levi” is available here. Use #FlatLevi to follow or share his travels on social media. 

When Emma said hello to Levi for the first time, she opened two hearts at once. ”

— Levi’s Mom, Rebecca

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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