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Maddox Sails the Ocean Blue with Disney Cruise Line

  • Wish kid Maddox's prepares for take off for his adventure on Disney Cruise Line

  • Wish kid Maddox's meets Captain Mickey Mouse while on his wish to go on Disney Cruise Line

“ There is no way I could put in words what this has meant to our family. ”

For the past four years, 7-year-old Maddox has been in treatment for leukemia. It hasn’t been an easy journey.

“The life that he remembers has been full of restrictions and lots of time spent at home to keep him as healthy as possible,” reflected his mom, Alexa.
Maddox's heartfelt wish was to go on Disney Cruise Line® to experience being on a big boat out on the ocean. His wish allowed him and his siblings to just be kids again. They got to forget about germs, hospitals and doctor’s appointments.

“They were able to have choices on what they wanted to do and feel empowered for once in their lives,” said Alexa. “Every single moment of this experience was beyond special! The kids were smiling from the moment we stepped on the plane and every day said they were having the best day of their lives.”

Alexa said the wish helped her entire family heal and set the tone for what life after treatment. “As parents, there is no way we could have given the kids this experience,” she said. “Thank you so much for allowing us to have this experience and to not think about Maddox's journey so far, but to heal and focus on all of our bright futures!”

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